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My work is focused on the landscape of West Dorset, where I have lived and worked since 1973 in a remote and very rural situation. This landscape, with its secret valleys, old woods and rounded hills, is the focus and catalyst for everything that I do and is absolutely central to my work. It has an ancient and primordial being, and a timeless quality not quite of this century –so much of it seems relatively untouched by changes evident elsewhere. For me it has ever changeable moods, sometimes welcoming, and at times disturbing and forbidding. It is these very moods which fascinate and intrigue, dependent as they are upon two crucial and interchangeable factors –light and weather. The time of day itself will present a different aspect according to the season, and the weather, rain or sun, mists or brightness, at dawn, dusk, or night - each one is capable of transforming a familiar view into a strange unknown world. It is this mystery that I constantly seek to investigate and explore in my work, and is pivotal to its continuing development.

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